Q: How should I wear the Beebo?

A: Place the Beebo over either shoulder, positioning the bottle holder just below your shoulder, high up on your chest. Then insert your baby's bottle. This Beebo position keeps your baby upright with the bottle at the right angle once you rotate it. You can also view our "How to Use" video for proper Beebo placement.

Q: Is my Beebo made from ‘baby safe’ materials?

A: Yes! The Beebo was designed and used by a parent, with safety in mind. All materials are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free and phthalates-free.

Q: Will it fit my bottle?

A: The Beebo fits just about any baby bottle because the holder is made of squishy foam. If it feels a little tight turning the bottle holder with your bottle in it, you can loosen up the holder by spinning it back and forth.

Q: Is the Beebo heavy?

A: No, the Beebo isn't heavy; it's lightweight and comfortable even with a bottle of milk in it.

Q: Will it stay on my shoulder?

A: Yes! The ribbed underside grips your clothes and the counterweight at the back of the Beebo keeps it balanced and securely in place.

Q: How do I clean my Beebo?

A: The bottle holder separates from the pad for easy cleaning with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

Q: How do I transport my Beebo?

A: The Beebo rolls up to fit nicely in a diaper bag, stroller or purse for a trip to the park, to a play date or out to a restaurant.

Q: How much does the Beebo cost?

A: The Beebo is only $29.99!