10 safety tips for new parents

January 05, 2017 Martin Hill

When becoming a parent for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming with all the new information you have to take in. You want to protect your little one as best you can and do everything in your power to keep him/her safe! Along with all the other challenges of being a new parent, baby safety is one that most parents really want to get right and there’s tons of things you can do to baby proof your home. Here are ten safety tips all new parents must know about to ensure the safety of their little ones:

1. Stick with your gut. Parents have a special bond with their baby that no one else has which means if you have an instinct about something, you should follow it. Anytime you feel like something isn’t right, that’s probably because it isn’t. Talk to your pediatrician right away. 

2. Crib safety. Always follow the current safety standards when purchasing new baby gear. Cribs should not have slats bigger than 2 3/8 inches apart and make sure there is nothing else in the crib with baby like pillows, blankets, or toys, when it’s time for sleep. These additional items can pose a suffocation risk. 

3. Place baby on her back to sleep. Back sleeping is the recommended position for babies in order to prevent the risk of SIDS. Although tummy sleeping may be baby’s preference, it can cause baby to rebreathe her own exhaled breath which can be dangerous.

4. Car seats. Car seat regulations are always being updated so make sure you’re reading the most up-to-date information. Follow all the instructions that come with the car seat and if you’re unsure if it’s installed correctly, go to a state trooper or fire station who can check it for you.

5. Never leave baby unattended. This is a common mistake new parents make - they think if baby is in a bouncer or carrier or baby bathtub, then they can leave the room for a few seconds. You should never leave your baby alone, even for a second, because anything can happen in that short time when you leave the room as your baby becomes more mobile.

6. Baby proof your home. Make sure all the electrical outlets in your home have safety covers and place baby gates at the top and bottom of staircases. Use foam padding for furniture with sharp edges and corners. Mount your television to the wall or purchase straps to secure it. Purchase cordless blinds and cabinet locks or pinch guards. Make sure furniture is secured to the wall so babies can’t climb up it and pull it down.

7. Look for a swaddle that requires no wrapping, like the Woombie baby swaddle. This way you don’t risk over-wrapping baby which can prevent airflow and cause hip problems. 

8. Check for recalls. Recalls on baby and kids’ products are common so it’s important to stay up-to-date on these recalls. Here’s how to do your research:

9. Don’t co-sleep with a newborn. Some parents want to co-sleeping with their children for the possible benefits, but it’s not worth risking your child’s life. Sharing a bed poses many dangers that parents don’t even think of. Instead of co-sleeping, try keeping baby’s crib or bassinet right next to your bed. 

10. Prevent overheating. We know that babies need to be kept a little warmer than adults when they’re first born, but their temperature also increases more easily than adults. Stay away from bundling your baby in too many blankets and avoid making the room temperature too high so baby doesn’t overheat.

Written By Martin Hill, Dad, Engineer, and Inventor of the Beebo

The Beebo was invented by a devoted, hands-on dad and engineer, Martin Hill. His baby boy was pretty fussy during evening feeding time, and Martin found that his baby became calmer when he was read to. Martin created the Beebo as a way to enhance feeding time so he could read to his boy with his free hand during feedings. Martin's wife (Sarah) loved that they could more easily have family meals together while their baby also enjoyed his meal.

They found that the Beebo offered much more than just a free hand. It provided them with the freedom to interact more with their baby during those precious moments. Whether parents have multiple children or one beautiful baby to care for, the Beebo truly offers a better way to bottle feed.

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