10 Little Things Dad Can Do to Make Mom Smile

December 28, 2016 Martin Hill

Having a baby changes your life so much for the better. The kind of love you have for your child is hard to describe and after having a baby the dynamic between husband and wife (or between two partners) is a beautiful thing... and requires extra effort to adjust to your new lifestyle.

Your new little miracle is the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen or held, and you’ll quickly find out that taking care of a baby is not always easy. A new baby takes some getting used to and working as a team makes it so much smoother. I’ve always been a very involved dad, and I’ve learned that there are things a dad can do to make mom smile in the early weeks of caring for a new baby, feeding baby every two hours (all night long too!), healing her body, dealing with lots of hormones, feeling exhausted, and more. And yes, dads also take care of the baby, feed the baby, and are exhausted too, but moms tend to have the most responsibility just because…well, they’re moms! 

As a hands-on dad, I'm always involved with our kids in any way that I can be, and I know it's the little things that are truly appreciated. My wife taught me these things – I hope they help you too!

  1. Let mom have a cat nap

When mom is constantly waking up in the middle of the night to feed baby, she is not getting the rest her body truly needs to recover after giving birth. You should encourage your partner/wife to take a cat nap as you spend time with the baby – or at least take time out and close her eyes. Time alone with baby is great bonding time! Dads have their own way of doing things and that’s a good thing for baby to experience and for mom to see. 

  1. Buy mom a massage and pedicure

After nine months of carrying a baby, mom needs to be pampered. A relaxing massage or nail appointment can seriously improve her mood. She will totally appreciate this gift and you will be happy knowing that she is getting some time to de-stress and feel calm – some alone time is awesome for her.

  1. Go on a date

Get out and have some fun - with the baby or without! Especially when they are newborns, babies tend to sleep a lot so they are quiet and you can bring them with you – and the Beebo! – to dinner at mom's favorite restaurant. Daytime dates are great too – go for a walk with baby in the park, go to a friend’s house, but make sure you take everything you need plus the kitchen sink with you like every new parent does! Tip – take a plastic bag with you in case of seriously messy accidents. 

  1. Shower her with compliments

After having a baby, it takes time for mom's body to bounce back so tell her how beautiful she looks. Compliments don’t have to be about her looks either – you can tell her that she’s doing a great job with baby, tell her you’re proud of her, or just tell her how much you love her. My wife was on bed rest for almost 3 months with our youngest, so she felt really out of shape when she first delivered. I turned into Superdad for our oldest kiddo and our new baby while she was on bedrest and while she was recovering her strength after birth – which she did quickly. I was impressed!

  1. Get into babywearing

When you’re out and about or even walking around in the house, you can wear baby in a carrier. Babywearing worked well for us – our first baby was a preemie and she screamed a lot!! She’d cry less while we held her and she loved going out for walks in the carrier too. Plus, women love seeing babywearing dads – your wife will feel good knowing you won’t drop the baby and you’ll look sexier to her with a baby strapped to you. 

  1. Draw mom a bath

Draw mom a bath with some bubbles (unless the doc says no bubbles for a while after birth) and buy some of her favorite magazines (not baby mags!). Then pour a glass of vino too if mom is a wine lover, and you can even light some candles to chill her out. It’ll be a nice surprise for her – and again, you’ll look sexier to her which is never a bad thing.

  1. Buy mom a gift

Instead of guessing what mom might want, offer to take her to the store to pick up something special or buy her a gift online (I’m an Amazon Prime junkie). There are lots of jewelry options out there, but even a simple gift like her favorite guilty pleasure will be appreciated. My wife loves Godiva chocolate. And wine! 

  1. Give mom workout time

New moms worry about losing their baby weight, but it can be difficult to find the time for her favorite kind of exercise. My wife said she felt guilty taking too much time for herself – that’s a whole other blog post topic though!! Offer to take care of the baby so mom can go for a walk, work out at the gym, or go to a yoga class. Be careful though how you offer this so it’s not taken the wrong way. Probably not a good idea to tell her to go workout right after she delivers! It’s a good idea to wait to offer this after three months postpartum (unless mom initiates first). Once mom is settled into the baby routine and feeling a bit more rested, take this approach when offering mom workout time alone – but be careful!!: new moms need their energy and strength; taking the time to workout will destress and make her happier and healthier. Which is all good for the baby and the family, too. It’s not about how she looks, it’s about how she feels.

  1. Do chores

Moms are true supermoms – they do everything from caring for the baby, taking care of laundry, cooking and even cleaning. Not to mention if they are working, too! No one likes to do chores around the house, but doing them – especially without being asked – will make you look IRRESISTIBLE. It’s a partnership – you can’t have one person doing too much of one thing in the house or they’ll become resentful. And then we’re back to the sexy factor again – you both have to make the effort to look good to the other partner.  

Another tip: if mom is super picky about the way she cleans or does things around the house, then before jumping into a chore, ask her what she would like you to do. Bam – super sexy dad!!

  1. Cook a meal

Choose at least one night a week to cook a homemade meal – she will love this! If you’re not a pro in the kitchen, try making something simple like sandwiches or pasta, or even order takeout if you have to. Breakfast in bed is a great way to pamper mom too.  Another cool thing is ordering a meal service like Hello Fresh or Green Chef. This will help save time from having to grocery shop and plan meals! My wife is a total stickler about family meals – and it became one of the top reasons I invented the Beebo. Being able to eat a warm meal as a family and showing your older kiddo that this time is important from the beginning helps set the stage for a lot of positive things – good eating habits, good family time, and taking time to make and enjoy some homemade food together.

What other ideas do you have that make mom or partner happy while caring for a new baby?  We’d love to hear your story. Share with us on Facebook with #BeeboBabble.

Written By Martin Hill, Dad, Engineer, and Inventor of the Beebo

The Beebo was invented by a devoted, hands-on dad and engineer, Martin Hill. His baby boy was pretty fussy during evening feeding time, and Martin found that his baby became calmer when he was read to. Martin created the Beebo as a way to enhance feeding time so he could read to his boy with his free hand during feedings. Martin's wife (Sarah) loved that they could more easily have family meals together while their baby also enjoyed his meal.

They found that the Beebo offered much more than just a free hand. It provided them with the freedom to interact more with their baby during those precious moments. Whether parents have multiple children or one beautiful baby to care for, the Beebo truly offers a better way to bottle feed.

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